Saturday, August 7, 2010

Up and Down the Roads of Delhi!!!!

Shots I took on the way to Noida..


Addy said...

Nice clicks as always man!
But try using some photoshop, ssom sepia effect or close to the tar shots, would have made them quiet dramatic!
Again I'm just a novice, you are a pro. Just suggesting, you know the best!
Good work, I like to see Delhi from your lens, spent some of the best days of my life there, I take it as my second home!

Bigde Nawab D Major said...

Thanks! Yes, I will work on it.. Thanks for the suggestions... Delhi is home.. :) True..

Minstrel Incognito said...

I am to blame here really! I do the Photoshop stuff here, we like it that way! :) Just a quirky couple thing! :P And I'm still learning.. so well, forgive me for the errors.. still a novice, will master it soon!!!!
(P.s.- the auto expo pics were also my undoing.. I went crazy with the effects because it was all new to me! And like the sweetest guy that he he is, the Nawab never chastised me and just grinned at my childish excitement! :P)

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